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4th Standard Samacheer Science Term I book exercises

I. Pick out the odd one.

  1. heart, legs, brain, kidney – Answer: legs
  2. eyes, ears, fingers, lungs – Answer: lungs
  3. fore brain, mid brain, hind brain, nerves – Answer: nerves

II. Complete the figure with words given in the bracket.
(Kissing on the mouth, Grand parents’ love, Hitting the buttocks, Pat of dad on head, Parent’s hug and kisses, Showing awkward pictures)


III. Find the answers from the following clues and circle the words:

i. An internal organ. 
ii. Organ that helps us to breath.
 iii. An organ removing wastes from our body.
 iv. Unfair and unhealthy touch. 
v. Everyday we should drink more.

IV. Say true or false.

1. Head, hand and legs are internal organs.  Answer: False

 2. Heart is made up of muscles. –  Answer: True 

3. Muscles are the soft parts that cover our bones.  Answer: True 

4. Brush your teeth once a day.  AnswerFalse 

5. Father patting you on your head is a good touch.  Answer: True

V. Choose the correct answer:

1. ________ is the commanding centre of our body.

 a)Heart  b) Lungs c) Kidney d) Brain 

Ans: d) Brain 

2. Food is converted to energy in the _______ 

a) neck b) heart c) stomach d) nose 

Ans: c) stomach 

3. Every day we should brush our teeth ______ times. 

a)one b) two c) three d) four 

Ans: b) two 

4. Good touch is a fair and ______ touch. 

a) unhealthy b) bad c) unsafe d)healthy 

Ans: d) healthy 

5. Drink a lot of _______ every day. 

a) oil b) water c) packed juice d) salt water 

Ans: b) water

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