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4th Standard Samacheer Science Term I book exercises

I. Pick out the odd one.

  1. heart, legs, brain, kidney – Answer: legs
  2. eyes, ears, fingers, lungs – Answer: lungs
  3. fore brain, mid brain, hind brain, nerves – Answer: nerves

II. Complete the figure with words given in the bracket.
(Kissing on the mouth, Grand parents’ love, Hitting the buttocks, Pat of dad on head, Parent’s hug and kisses, Showing awkward pictures)


III. Find the answers from the following clues and circle the words:

i. An internal organ. 
ii. Organ that helps us to breath.
 iii. An organ removing wastes from our body.
 iv. Unfair and unhealthy touch. 
v. Everyday we should drink more.

IV. Say true or false.

1. Head, hand and legs are internal organs.  Answer: False

 2. Heart is made up of muscles. –  Answer: True 

3. Muscles are the soft parts that cover our bones.  Answer: True 

4. Brush your teeth once a day.  AnswerFalse 

5. Father patting you on your head is a good touch.  Answer: True

V. Choose the correct answer:

1. ________ is the commanding centre of our body.

 a)Heart  b) Lungs c) Kidney d) Brain 

Ans: d) Brain 

2. Food is converted to energy in the _______ 

a) neck b) heart c) stomach d) nose 

Ans: c) stomach 

3. Every day we should brush our teeth ______ times. 

a)one b) two c) three d) four 

Ans: b) two 

4. Good touch is a fair and ______ touch. 

a) unhealthy b) bad c) unsafe d)healthy 

Ans: d) healthy 

5. Drink a lot of _______ every day. 

a) oil b) water c) packed juice d) salt water 

Ans: b) water

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Unit I My Body

Fill in the blanks:

  1. The j shaped organ found below the lungs is _______________.
  2. The heart pumps ___________ to all parts of our body.
  3. The human heart is made up of __________________.
  4. The heart has ___________ chambers.
  5. Stomach contains special juice and enzymes to breakdown ______________ into energy.
  6. The kidneys purify _______________.
  7. Every day we should brush our teeth ____________ times.
  8. A pair of spongy sac like organ is _________________.
  9. _________ is an internal organ.
  10. The organ that helps us to breath is _________.
  11.  An example of an external organ is ___________________.
  12.  _____________ are the framework of our body.
  13.  The human heart beats about ________ times in a minute.
  14. An organ that removes wastes from our body is called as ________.
  15. _________ is unfair and unhealthy touch .
  16.  We should avoid _________ food to maintain healthy teeth.
  17.  Every day we should drink more _________.
  18.  __________ are the soft parts that cover our bones.
  19.  The longest bone is __________bone.
  20.  ___________ teeth are the first set of teeth starts to develop from the age of six months.

Answer Key:

  1. Stomach
  2. Blood
  3. Muscles
  4. Four
  5. Food
  6. Blood
  7. Two
  8. Lungs
  9. Heart
  10. Lungs
  11.  Stomach
  12. Bones
  13.  72
  14. Kidney
  15.  Bad touch
  16.  Sugary
  17.  Water
  18.  Muscles
  19.  Thigh
  20.  Milk teeth

II. Write true or false:

  1. The brain is protected by skull.
    Answer: __________________________
  2. The exchange of gases oxygen and carbon dioxide is called as respiration.
    Answer: __________________________
  3. Lungs help us to breathe.
    Answer: __________________________
  4. We have three lungs in our body.
    Answer: __________________________
  5. When we breathe in, the lungs become bigger.
    Answer: __________________________
  6. When we breathe out, we give out oxygen from the lungs.
    Answer: __________________________
  7. Heart is the commanding centre of our body.
    Answer: __________________________
  8. Lungs pump blood to all parts of the body.
  9. Wisdom teeth are essential for human beings.
    Answer: __________________________
  10. Head, hand and legs are internal organs.
    Answer: __________________________
  11. Heart is made up of muscles.
  12. Muscles are the soft parts that cover our bones.
  13. Brush your teeth once a day.
    Answer: __________________________
  14. Father patting you on your head is a good touch.
    Answer: __________________________
  15. Kidney purifies blood.
    Answer: __________________________
  16. The cerebrum, cerebellum and the brain stem are the three main parts of the human brain.
    Answer: __________________________
  17. Neem twigs are good for oral health.
    Answer: __________________________
  18. We should avoid sugary food.
    Answer: __________________________
  19. Shout when you receive bad touch.
    Answer: __________________________
  20. Bad touch is unsafe touch.
    Answer: __________________________

Answer Key

1.       True

2.       True

3.       True

4.       False

5.       True

6.       False

7.       True

8.       False

9.       False

10.   False

11.   True

12.   True

13.   False

14.   True

15.   True

16.   True

17.   True

18.   True

19.   True

20.   True